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Other Works

Other Works

Besides, no one can say no to a latke dinner.
- Adina Zacansky,  Of Mice and Mitzvahs
Welcome To Simmins, Detective Spencer

Contributing author

A collaborative winter-themed horror-mystery anthology:

Detective Spencer moves to his wife's small mining hometown as the holiday season is rolling around. Anticipating a slow work life, he's not prepared for an advent calendar's worth of dead bodies, missing persons reports, and unusual creature sightings.

Nick Clauster might have something to say about a new detective prowling around the town he's spent so many years cultivating.

Filled with chaotic carols, chupacabra puppies, mothmen, sentient Christmas trees and more, this anthology promises to reignite the old tradition of telling ghost stories in the dead of winter.

What do you say? Live forever with me?
- Arlan Kalbrunner, An Airship Built for Two
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In The Wake Of The Kraken: Tales From The Year Between, Volume 3

Contributing author, guest editor

Set sail for adventure across four fantastic pirate filled worlds! From galleons to steampunk airships to faster-than-light starships, come join Skullgate Media as we navigate the waters of the multiverse...

Pirates exist across every version of reality. While we are all familiar with the classic tales of Long John Silver and Blackbeard, there are worlds where pirates steer airships through the sky, ride on the backs of fire-breathing dragons, or pilot rockets between the stars. Whether they are sailing a steampunk zeppelin, exploring a magic underwater grotto, or crewing a space station near a black hole, these pirates share a swashbuckling sense of adventure that crosses all bounds of space and time. Stow away with 24 gripping yarns as we sail the seas, skies, and stars seeking out treasure and glory... in the wake of the kraken!

Tales From The Year Between is Skullgate’s anthology series that brings together writers from around the globe to invent an original world from scratch. After two weeks of intense world-building, each author sets out to expand their new, fabulous universe through short stories, flash fiction, poems, songs, and whatever else their boundless imaginations unleash. Each volume is new, exciting, and utterly unique.

Fascinating. This species…it-it’s incredible.
- Harold Sanderson, An Ocean Between Us

Under New Suns: Tales From The Year Between, Volume 2

Contributing author, guest editor

After generations of warfare against the ominous Swarm, the United Planetary Alliance settles on a desperate gambit—send a squad of Marines to steal one of the Swarm’s bio-organic battleships. However, it turns out the ship isn’t merely alive but fully sentient... and it has a mission of its own. As the ship leaps across the galaxy, dimensions, and eventually reality itself, the crew has a new goal—stay alive! Join Skullgate Media on an epic space-opera filled with sexy murder-queens, ring-planets, and freaking space-sharks, all fueled by psychedelic Vesuvian coffee and sixth-dimensional funk!

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Alone Together: An Anthology of Isolation

Contributing author

The Coronavirus Pandemic shocked the world and changed life as we knew it. Everyone was affected differently, and this anthology was curated to tell these stories. Made up of writers from all over the world, of every race, gender, and creed, "Alone Together" weaves a complex tapestry of the world during a Global Pandemic. Stories of tragedy, loss, and hope come together to tell a single, distinctly human story of struggle and growth. In a world of isolation, we turn towards our most basic form of communication and connection, the root of human culture: stories. Hopefully, everyone can find community and understanding in this collection.

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